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Presley is a nationally recognized media agency specializing in the creation, production and distribution of branded content. We're a close-knit, on-the-go, don't-take-ourselves-too-seriously gang of hard workers grinding out remarkable results for the public relations industry. 


Not all agencies are created equal.

Our team provides expertise in creating strong branded content that is made to air and share, creating lasting results that extend the life of your media budget. 


What we offer

Our crew sets the gold standard, seamlessly blending creativity, precision and quality innovation. 

Full Service Video Productoin & Editing

Our team turns your branded messaging into a story viewers are interested in. We provide one of our top tier spokespeople to tell it or we interview your own.

Creative Concept Development

We have established partnerships with renowned outlets like the Lifetime network, NBC, syndicated programs and more.

National Broadcast Media Coverage

Have something you want captured outside of our studio? We can help.

On Location Video Production

User Generated Content (UGC) and other digital formats to be used on any platform of your choosing.

Social Media Video Content

Commercialize your branded content to be used on Amazon and other similar online storefronts.

eCommerce Video


Why us?



Let Us Handle Everything. We can confidently say that we have the most cohesive and efficient project process in the industry. From full timeline build-outs and concise next steps to collaborative approval tools, frequent updates and post comprehensive reporting, we provide the best client service around.



You Need It. We Have It. We pride ourselves in creating high quality content with top of the line crew, writers, talent, planners and producers. Quality is never a question when it comes to our work. We simply do not tolerate anything less than the best.



Step Outside of that Box. We believe in the power of ideas. Great ones, in fact. It's easy to get stuck in the cycle of the same old stuff. Familiarity is cool and all but let us take the chance to leap outside of that box when it feels right. We promise to run it all by you first.



Control of the Message You're Spreading is Crucial. That's why we offer approvals at every turn, guarantee our coverage upfront and allow you to be as close as you want to the content development, creation and execution.


We've executed projects for many of the industry's top lifestyle brands.


What our clients are saying.

Thanks again for all the work on this!  I have read the script about 72 times and have absolutely no feedback.  You really nailed the message and “vibe” of the brand.  I wish I had something more to contribute - but what you gave us is perfect!  I can’t wait to see it all come to life.

Jennifer A, Laird Apparel

We have loved doing both these segments together. Your team has been a dream to work with.

Molly G, Launch Squad

You’re the best! You and the Presley team always go above and beyond for us. Truly: thank you for all your excellent work. Everyone is thrilled with the results.

Joseph M, Fletcher Group

 The segment turned out wonderfully. The spokesperson was fantastic, and I love how you seamlessly integrated the campaign video and collection imagery.

Amanda B, Element Brand Group

Thank you for everything team! Wonderful pick up on the segment, and appreciate all of your hard work on getting everything together so efficiently. I want to work with you and your team on another opportunity with a different client of mine.

Melissa B, Well Earned Media

It was a pleasure to work with your team at Presley. The feature segment is fantastic. Please do reach out with upcoming opportunities in the new year - I would love to collaborate on other accounts as well!

Julia L, Colangelo & Partners

in Touch

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